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Drs.H.Matlawan Hasibuan, as the founder, started his business in Jambi in 1993 when he became a developer with his first company PT.Tamarona Indah.  Based on his extensive experience and knowledge in civil engineering made him want to develop his business. Then in 2004, he established PT Tamarona Mas International. With some civil works project undertaken ranging from procurement to infrastructure development in the Oil and gas Project.

 In 2010,with some work experience did it  have, Pt Tamarona Mas  International also continues to develop and start reaching into the coal mining bussiness. New business that began to bloom in jambi.Armed with little knowledge, in the year 2010, Tamarona get a mining permit in the area mandiangin.Kabupaten Sarolangun, Jambi called " Mandiangin Coal ".

 This region is situated ± 35 km northeast of the city Sarolangun and located ± 55 km southwest of the city of Jambi.  Travel to the Mining Permit can be reached by using a four-wheeled vehicles by road to the district of Mandiangin with the distance ± 134 km and travel time ± 3 hours. The condition of provincial roads and Mandiangin jambi is a fairly good asphalt roads .

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